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TALO Studios is an Interior Design practice that embraces the unique relationship humans have with their environment. 


Its founder, Tiina Vahtola has over 15 years of experience in the industry, working on award-winning projects and leading a creative team at a notable design firm in Vancouver; before settling in Montreal and establishing Talo Studios. Inherent in her scandinavian background, Tiina’s designs have always culturally reflected comfort and overall feelings of well-being.


The studio focuses on living, working and wellness spaces which support human connection. Authenticity is celebrated by designing spaces with strong concepts at their core; the designs are personal and understated, cultivating warmth, comfort and simplicity.


With this holistic design approach, the creation of each space is an alchemy of form, function and beauty. Beautiful spaces materialize through spatial exploration, the application of natural and timeless materials with careful attention to the minutiae.



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